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Math Kid


Math Kid gives your 4-12 years old child the foundation needed to excel in math at home and in school. The application features graphical feedback and rewards, and its clean and simple interface is ideally suited for children (Verified!).
Helpful and extensive hints allow kids to use it with minimal parental supervision.
Precise customization of the training course content leads to effective and focused learning.
Features:* Addition and Subtraction – varying difficulty targeted for 4-8 years old kid* Arithmetic Sequence – great for any age from 4 (simple sequences of course) to 8 years old (complex sequences)* Roman Numerals – fun in any age* Multiplication and Division – different levels suitable for 5-10 years old * Percentages – suitable for 8-11 years old student* Fractions - suitable for 8-11 years old student* Basic Equations – first steps into Algebra for 9-12 years old student